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About us

About TheBitcoinProgram.com

The Bitcoin Program was established to promote an emerging cryptocurrency industry and provide many resources to both consumers and businesses.To truly appreciate "the bitcoin experience", one needs to become knowledgeable to the benefits of bitcoins and their use:



  • • No Transaction Costs or Fees
  • • No Taxes on Transactions
  • • Eliminates The Risk of Credit Card Fraud
  • • No Chargebacks
  • • Bitcoins Are Anti-Theft
  • • No ID, Passport or Proof of Address Needed
  • • Use of Bitcoins With Any Internet-accessible Device
  • • Enables The Use of Retail Purchases for Consumers
  • • Anti-Pilfering of Payment Information From Merchants
  • • No Banks or Financial Institutions Required or Needed
  • • International Wire Transfers Confirmed Within An Hour


The Bitcoin Program is not step-by-step program - We provide the information and "how-to's" to educate you on bitcoin currency, how to establish your wallet for bitcoin keepsake, where to spend, buy and/or sell bitcoins and a host of other resources to benefit everyone who takes advantage of the benefits associated with this new cryptocurrency. Businesses can greatly benefit from consumers who use bitcoins to not only only offer the benefits listed above, but can also offer the use of ATM's and spending incentives for cardholder rewards programs (make purchases with bitcoins and earn rewards points) - It's a win-win for all parties.