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If you're seeking additional business exposure, consider advertising with us. Yes, we are a "new" site and not yet able to generate thousands of clicks per day, but we will work diligently to achieve that goal! Due to the nature of our business as a resource site for all things bitcoin related, we will working with many advertisers and merchants to increase our exposure while, at the same time, promoting you as well. We are confident that each and every passing month, our clicks will increase as we generate public interest with cryptocurrency and its benefits for both consumers and businesses alike.

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  • • Acceptible Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG (SWF files are not acceptible due to the malicious scripts that can be incorporated)
  • • You MUST provide link to image (we do not host images)
  • • Prices: You will be provided a monthly price dependent on the page you want your ad to appear and page locatoin (discounts apply if duration is longer than 3 months)
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Please provide us which ad(s) you would like placed on a desired page on our website and duration for each ad. We will determine if that page and space is available and provide you a quote. Since this is a new website, we are unable to provide statistics for page clicks, but we will run analytics and provide you this information once each month.