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Glossary of Terms

We've taken the confusion out of bitcoin jargon to provide you the definitions to the bitcoin terms used in this website

Bitcoin News

Bitcoins are undoubtedly the next generation of currency and cryptocurrency is making headlines!


The BitCoin Program Concept

Essentially, The BitCoin Program is not a program, but rather a provider of resources for consumers to learn about bitcoins, obtaining wallets for bitcoin storage, obtaining debit cards to spend bitcoins and resources to purchase bitcoins. We also provide businesses the opportunity to purchase a bitcoin ATM (coming soon), provide legal guidelines for government compliance and other resources to connect businesses with consumers.

Resources For Consumers

Gain access to bitcoin information, creating a virtual wallet, buying & selling bitcoins and methods of earning FREE bitcoins!

Bitcoin Business Solutions

Having your business accepting bitcoin debit cards has many advantages which could result in increased revenues for your business and anti-fraud!

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